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Tree Trimming in Augusta

When a homeowner calls for tree trimming, it can be done in several steps. First, the arborist will decide how much of the tree will need to be cut away and what branches or limbs should stay. They may use a bucket truck or aerial lift to get into the trees and start making cuts depending on their comfort level with heights.


Trees that are close to powerlines need special attention paid to them because of safety concerns. If they cannot reach all of the high branches easily with a bucket truck or if there is too much risk of hitting the powerlines then it may be safer for them just to remove the entire tree instead.


After all necessary cutting has been completed, they will usually seal any exposed wounds so disease doesn’t enter the tree. They may apply fertilizer after trimming to encourage new growth and health, depending on what type of tree they are working with. The arborist will then take all cut branches away so they do not pose any safety hazards or create deadwood for disease organisms.


When homeowners pay for tree trimming in Augusta GA, this is generally how it goes. It can be a lot of work but if done correctly by trained professionals like Augusta Tree Pros, it can lead to healthy trees that look great and protect your home from damage, erosion, or water runoff. Many people also hire an arborist to help plant their trees when they are building homes so there are no mistakes made during the planting process. If you own property around Augusta and would like to know how we can help your trees, give Augusta Tree Pros a call today.


A well-trimmed tree looks great and helps the environment. Trees help by providing oxygen, filtering air pollution, and absorbing carbon dioxide. They also provide food and homes for many animals and help prevent erosion and water runoff during heavy rainstorms. When a tree is properly taken care of, it can be a home or community’s best friend!