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Tree Removal Augusta GA

There are many reasons why you might want to remove a tree. It could be dead, dying, causing damage, or simply in the way. But how do you go about removing one? The most common method for Tree Removal in Augusta GA is using professional arborists and their equipment. Arborists will climb tall ladders next to the tree with large saws attached to long chains (known as “falling” chainsaws). These saws are sharpened on both sides of the blade with teeth that move in opposite directions, so they can cut down into the wood easily; this makes them safer than regular chainsaws because it’s more difficult to accidentally twist your hand while making a cut. The arborist then cuts deep into the tree from all sides as high as he can reach with his chainsaw. They then cut from the bottom up, and once the tree begins to fall, the arborist will have to jump out of the way quickly or risk being crushed under its weight. Afterward, crews remove branches and logs using more long-handled saws and fallen chainsaws and take them away on trucks (or occasionally load them onto a self-loading log splitter). Tree Removal in Augusta GA is essential when it comes to keeping your home safe.


Tree Removal Augusta GAThe more difficult trees require different methods for removal; if a tree is too short to use a conventional chainsaw or has large roots that prevent you from making manual cuts into it, your only option may be to hire an aerial lift such as an aerial bucket truck (which uses strong, telescopic arms attached to a hydraulic platform to lift someone high into the air) or a crane. With an aerial lift, the arborist can safely remove large branches and whole sections of the tree without having to climb up near the top of it. If you’re removing a tree with a lot of roots (such as a mature oak), you may need to use a crane to pull it out of the ground; this is often done by cutting the trunk halfway through so that it will fall in the desired direction, then using the crane’s arm to carefully guide it down.


Once the tree is removed, there may be some leftover stumps that need to be dealt with. You can either have them ground down (which can be expensive) or chopped off and left to rot. If the tree is next to your house, you may also need to have its stump ground or removed so that it doesn’t attract termites or other pests.


Once the cranes and bucket trucks are gone, most people never consider how dangerous it can be around fallen trees unless they’re very small. Tree limbs can topple over unexpectedly months after a tree falls if something knocks them down (such as strong winds), cutting deep gashes into people, cars, and even homes. So once you’ve had your Augusta GA tree removed by an arborist, make sure to stay vigilant of any potential hazards for at least a year afterward.